Friday, 22 June 2012

Carrefour Promotion 22 Jun - 5 Jul 2012

Carrefour Malaysia has release its latest promotion catalog and we see many great offers.

This time, the offer is concentrated in the 'house care' category as given below:

Floor Cleaner
  1. Ajax Fabuloso (price RM12.95)
  2. Dettol Multi Action Cleaner (price RM13.95)
  1. Clorox Bleach (price RM5.85, lowest)
Laundry Detergent
  1. Bio Zip detergent powder (price RM7.4)
  2. Daia detergent powder (price RM16.75)
  3. Dynamo liquid detergent (price RM19.60)
  4. Kao Attack detergent powder (price RM13.95)
  5. Top liquid detergent (price RM12.95)
There are many more offers and we simply cannot list all of them here. You can browse through our electronic version of their offer catalog here.

Since today is Friday, all the major promotion catalog has been release. We hope that you find the best deal by comparing the prices at

Happy grocery shopping.

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